Labyrinth Adventure Park

Labrynth Theme Park

Whether you are spending your holiday with the kids, or even if you are just a big kid yourself, we can’t recommend Labyrinth Adventure Park enough. Young or old, there’s a tonne of different activities dotted around the park, with so many games, rides and sports available, this place is sure to keep everybody in your group engaged, entertained and you might even learn a little bit about Greek mythology along the way.

Situated amongst the beautiful hills that overlook Hersonissos, this fantastic theme park not only brings the Greek myths alive in a wonderfully fun way, the star of the show is the brilliantly constructed Labyrinth itself. Devised and constructed by Adrian Fisher, who, having designed and built over 500 brilliant mazes in 30 different countries, is universally regarded as the top maze and puzzle designer in the world. So, you know you’re in safe hands. The goal of the labyrinth is to find the Minotaur at the centre in as quick a time as you can, the fastest times each day are rewarded with certificates and prizes, but it isn’t as simple as you might think. The maze changes subtly each day and with bridges overhead, ramps, twists, turns, bluffs and double-bluffs, this beautifully crafted wooden maze will challenge even the brightest minds. Getting lost has never been so much fun!

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The average time to complete the maze is around 30-45 minutes and it can get quite warm up in the hills, so make sure you pack a small bottle of water and a sun-hat to beat the heat. The day is not over once you escape the Minotaur’s clutches, it’s only just getting started!

Once inside the park itself, you will see that there are a vast array of fun and well supervised activities on offer for kids and grown-ups alike. For that little speed-demon in your life, there is a phenomenal mini-quad bike racing circuit that they are going to go absolutely bananas for, designed to look and feel like a World Rally Championship course, there are plenty of exciting twists, turns and slopes along the way, the bikes themselves are well-maintained and the staff keep a watchful eye at all times, so you can kick back and relax, safe in the knowledge they’re having the time of their lives.

For budding cowboys/girls, there are reasonably priced horse-riding lessons available, fully supervised by the friendly and highly-trained staff, these lessons come with extensive safety equipment and cater for absolute beginners from the age of 4 upwards. It’ll be an experience they won’t ever forget and you’re sure to get some great footage and photos to take home and cherish.

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A recent addition to the park is the meticulously crafted 18 hole mini-golf course, designed from the ground up to look like a natural part of the landscape, it is as organic and beautiful a mini-golf course as you’re likely to see anywhere, so team up, tee up and get ready for a round with your family or friends.

There are almost too many activities crammed into Labyrinth Adventure Park to list here, there’s a miniature farm featuring Shetland ponies, tortoises, birds, chickens, the cutest pygmy goats you’re ever likely to see and of course Arthur the Ferret! If you’re feeling creative and cultured there are pottery workshops on offer, wherein the on-site potter will provide a messy and fascinating hands-on lesson in traditional Cretan ceramics, a truly unique experience and you might even pick up a new skill! If there’s a wannabe Robin Hood in your group, they can try their hand at some archery in a safe and fun environment. Overseen by qualified instructors, this thrilling activity is available for adults and children alike and is highly recommended.

After all of that excitement, you’re probably going to want a little rest and refreshment before heading home, head on over to the Minoan Café where you will find a large selection of delicious snacks, sandwiches, fresh salads and cold drinks, all at very reasonable prices. If you’re looking to cool down or if you just want to indulge your sweet-tooth, there is a mouth-watering assortment of ice-creams and desserts available, which is sure to give kids of all sizes a treat.

There is a lot of choice in the Hersonissos region for family days out, but Labyrinth Adventure Park really does stand out, the diversity of the activities and the care and passion with which they’re presented makes this the perfect day out for all age ranges, we really can’t recommend it enough.

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