All Inclusive – Bad for local businesses or great value for families ?

Are All inclusive hotels such a bad thing for resorts ?

Like by many families but hated by local restaurants and other businesses.

There is definite a place for AI but for certain resorts and the general consensus is that Stalis inst one of them.

All the comments below are from members of the Stalis Rooms  facebook page.


Richard Haigh I guess both. I understand why families do it but it’s bad for local businesses. I’ve seen many of my favourite bars and restaurants suffer since my first visit to Stalis thanks to all inclusive. It’s sad to see
Tracey Conner
Tracey Conner Definitely both .
Valerie Buckley
Valerie Buckley Both. Even if you are All Inclusive, you still have a walk round and spend money in the local shops, bars and restaurants.
Tracey Conner
Tracey Conner I must admit i would never do AI in Greece with all the lovely restaurants to sample and places to go.
But I did do AI in Turkey and found it very easy for the children to eat and drink whenever they wanted rather than being tied to us.
Iraklis Pahiadakis
Iraklis Pahiadakis Not good for small business and when u r in all inclusive u dodn’t go out to see tradions,taverns,bars and how the local people leave!
Linda Devoy Evans
Linda Devoy Evans Couldn’t agree more with you Iraklis…. That’s the holiday for us .. eating out … Seeing the resort … XX roll on July xxxxxx
Lisa Birch
Lisa Birch Bad for local businesses. I love being able to pick and choose from all the wonderful restaurants and bars Stalis has to offer,and eating and drinking there is very reasonable ❤️
Debbie Taylor
Debbie Taylor Self catering in stalls you see more of the island this way all inclusive is ok if middle nowhere as you tend to stay in resort just to get money’s worth but Defoe a no no for me and my family
Ernest Soundie
Ernest Soundie Self catering is by far the best way to holiday in Stalis. So big a choice for eating and drinking.
Margaret Marshall
Margaret Marshall You are not trying to tell me that the food in all inclusive hotels is anywhere near as good as what the beautiful tavernas have to offer in Stalis . ❤
Barb Spurrier
Barb Spurrier Self catering everytime.
Janice Clough
Janice Clough Very bad for local business ,these people are open 6mths only ,and depened on there businesses ,there not after making a fortune just a living
Debra Turner
Debra Turner Bad for local – Go out to the many bars & restaurants …
Julie Thompson
Julie Thompson All inclusive kills local businesses and is bad for the economy. If you want this go to Spain 
Malky Ross
Malky Ross My experience of all inclusive was poor , think it’s more a German thing.
Femke Jongsma
Femke Jongsma Bad…and there are so much lovely local places
Anne Curry
Anne Curry Love self catering. X
Olive Clarke
Olive Clarke Think all inclusive very bad for local business I love self catering, even though I never cook in apt, always eat out,, and Breakfast in Stefania
Paul Halbert
Paul Halbert I have never done anything but self Catering in Stalís I have spoken to people who have stayed at Cactus beach for All Inclusive and have regretted it. Same food dished out day after day. Sorry give me the fantastic bars and restaurants in Stalis anytime.
Gerry Boyle
Gerry Boyle Never all inclusive Restaurants far to good 
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor Bad for business


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