Have an Amazing Holiday

Have an Amazing Holiday



1: Whether you’re a young single or part of a family with children, there are universal rules you should consider. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do, and it really is important to increase your intake of water to offset the effects of the sun. Apply all the relevant sun creams and lotions whenever you need to as well.

2: Hiring mopeds can be a dangerous move, and far too many tourists have been injured or even killed in Crete on these vehicles. Stick to cars if you must, and it may be worth considering opting for taxis rather than driving yourself. Don’t drink-drive under any circumstances.

3: Leave your passports at your hotel, villa, holiday home or apartment. Emergency replacements can cost a great deal of money, and obtaining them can take up a big chunk of your holiday.

4: Use alcohol sensibly. Although it can be tempting to take things further on holiday, the repercussions can be the same as – or worse than – they would be at home. Don’t do anything that might result in a stay in a Greek prison. Drugs are obviously a questionable idea too – not only might they land you in legal hot water; you may not be taking what you think you’re taking.


5: Plan your budget wisely. Cash can run out faster than you would expect, especially if you have kids in tow. If you have limited funds, plan each day’s activities in advance. Don’t carry a large amount of cash around with you.

6: Stay wary of criminals. Criminal types can be very subtle when it comes to pickpocketing and similar activities, and keep an eye on your kids at all times if appropriate. Don’t leave drinks unattended. Well-trained child criminals can be rife in holiday resorts so keep your wits about you.

7: If you’re likely to become intimate with a stranger on holiday, do as you would at home and use protection to avoid a nasty surprise when you return home.